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Nikkei Dataset

Micro Economic Data

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Data Features

Data Line-up of Micro Economic Data

Corporate Financial Statements
Covers all companies submitting Yuho* corporate financial reports - listed, JASDAQ Listed and unlisted companies - going back as far as FYE April 1964*. The data contains wealth of information provided in Tanshin* and Yuho* reports as well as additional data collected by Nikkei. These recorded data includes; Full balance sheets, Income statements, Cash flow, Financial ratios.
Corporate Attribute Data
It provides the latest available attribute information such as company name, company address, listing information, etc. covering over 30,000 companies nationwide.
Earnings Estimates by Company
Earning trend (forecast and results) such as sales, recurring profits, etc. of all listed companies, provided by companies and compiled by Nikkei, based on flash reports and company disclosed revisions in earning projections.
Contains both earning estimate and earning result data on Consolidated/Unconsolidated and Annual/Interim/Quarterly basis for all Listed and JASDAQ listed companies.
Earnings Estimates by Nikkei
Earnings results and Nikkei staff writers' earnings projections of companies listed on stock exchanges in Japan.
Shareholding Data
Book value, number of shares of temporary or investment purpose securities holding.
Major Shareholders Information
Information on up to 30 major shareholders for each listed and JASDAQ listed companies such as shareholders name, address, number of shares, ownership percentage, etc. since March 2001.
Corporate Borrowing and Loan Data
Long term and short term borrowings classified by financial institutions.
Segment Data
Based on the annual report and Interim/quarterly report disclosed by the company, we update the dataset daily within a few days after the announcements.
Corporate Action Data
Data on changes in shareholder's equity and new bond issuance of individual companies, created on the basis of the materials disclosed by them and those disclosed by stock exchanges in a time series manner.
Security Financing
Data on stock lent, loans outstanding, backwardation date, turnover period, etc., concerning issues for loan transaction and issues eligible only for loans of funds of Japan Securities Finance Company.
Stock Market Indicators and Statistics
Major indices and indicators like stock price average, market statistic data like market capitalization, trading data like the number of advancing stocks, and trading volumes of top 50 heavily traded stocks, P/E, P/B ratio, moving averages etc.
Equity Attribute Data
Daily updated price quotation, attribute, dividend estimates and stock indicators (e.g. P/E, P/B ratio) of listed and JASDAQ stocks, currently at 3,000+ companies, as well as delisted issues. The historical data dates back to January 1977.
Balance of Market Transaction
Data for equity bought and sold on margin available for all equity on the Japanese stock markets.
Japan Standard Bond Price (JS Price)

JS Price provides bond prices that are evaluated and calculated by Nomura Securities and later examined by Nikkei, Financial Technology Research Institute Inc., and Nomura Research Institute.

JS Prices accurately reflect the market, including actual OTC transactions at Nomura Securities, investment patterns of market participants, and market trends among othersJS Prices are reliable for a variety of purposes, including mark-to-market accounting, which requires precise evaluation of bond prices.

Bond Attribute Data
Attribute data for all listed and around 7,000 privately issued bonds.
Bond Index Data
Nikkei Bond index statistics and indicators.
Stock Index Futures
Daily updated futures data for TOPIX, Nikkei 225, 300 RN Prime Futures and 225 mini. Includes price data and trading volume
Stock Index Options
Options data for Nikkei 225, 300 TOPIX, OSE and NSE options.
Equity Options
Attribute and price data for all options listed on the Japanese stock markets.
JGB Future Data
Price and attribute data for Japanese Government Bond futures as listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange covering 5, 10 and 20 year JGB futures.
Bond Future Options
Listed Bond futures price and attributes as listed on the Tokyo Stock Market.
FX Future
Futures for three month Euro-yen (TIBOR) price and attribute data.
Tick by Tick Data
This data provides time-series prices and quotations for individual stocks, stock indices, index futures, index options, JGB futures and options in daily market sessions. Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), which gives a performance benchmark for the market, is also available. Tick-by-Tick data helps investors analyze market volatility.
Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry
Released by the Ministry of Finance on an annual and quarterly basis.

Data Access


One-stop, ad-hoc data download

For clients who conduct ad-hoc research/analysis and need access to a wide variety of different databases from micro-economic to macro-economic level.
One-stop, ad-hoc data download for Corporate Financial, Stock Market and Macroeconomic data
Offline provision of selected data to suit specific requirements


Raw data for clients in-house database systems

For clients who consistently require data files delivered into their in-house databases on a regular basis.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly feed from Nikkei servers
Integration with existing in-house database


Non-subscription data service

NEEDS SPOT is Nikkei's unique non-subscription data service enabling clients to receive any historical data from the NEEDS databases.
A non-subscription based service offering one-off historical data access to the NEEDS data.
Offline provision of selected data to suit specific requirements

Nikkei Dataset Line-Up


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