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Japan's most detailed market information
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Nikkei Dataset


Up to date information on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange and the Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange.
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Data Features

Nikkei provides up to date information on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange for Industry and Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange.

NEEDS has detailed files on all commodities appearing in The Nikkei (daily newspaper) and The Nikkei Business Daily.

Data Line-up of Commodities

Commodity Future Prices

Data for commodities futures attribute and price information on the domestic exchanges from Jan 1982, available in English only on NEEDS-FinancialQUEST.

Daily data on OHLC prices, reference prices for liquidation, trading volumes, turnover, etc. per contract month, which are also aggregated for weekly, monthly, and annually records.

NEEDS provides the data from the contract month approaching to contract month of latest contract. Data is updated 4 times a day, reference prices for liquidation, trading volumes, turnover, etc. per contract month.

Commodity Market Prices

Records data on current market commodity prices and index values for natural resources and raw materials such as energy, metals, grains, semiconductors, etc. Raw and processed data is provided on daily, weekly, and monthly basis, including OHLC/average prices.

Data includes market prices, index values for commodities printed in the "Major Markets" and "Market Prices" as they appear in The Nikkei and The Nikkei Business Daily, respectively.

Data access


One-stop, ad-hoc data download

For clients who conduct ad-hoc research/analysis and need access to a wide variety of different databases from micro-economic to macro-economic level.
One-stop, ad-hoc data download for Corporate Financial, Stock Market and Macroeconomic data
Offline provision of selected data to suit specific requirements

Nikkei Dataset Line-Up

Nikkei Indexes

Equities and Fixed Income Data


Corporate Fundamentals

Corporate Governance Evaluation System

Macroeconomics and Financial Data

Industrial Statistics

Region and Population

Nikkei News Articles

Nikkei Alternative Data

Overseas Information

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