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Nikkei Dataset

Industrial Statistics

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Data Features

Nikkei’s Industrial Statistics data containing information on energy consumption, current production statistics and industrial output data, all of which are provided in a consistent format to enable accurate comparison of data over the years.

Data Line-up of Industrial Statistics

Nikkei Energy Data
Data on various statistics associated with Japanese energy economics, including energy consumption by location & industry, energy production and statistics. Supply-demand data (production, sales, inventory, import/export, etc.) and price data on energy goods such as oil, coal, gas, electricity & nuclear energy, petrochemicals, etc. These are then further broken down to provide as detailed data as possible:
- Oil category
- Coal category
- Gas category
- Electric power & Nuclear power
- Petrochemical
Major information resources are "Monthly Report on the Current Survey of Energy Consumption", "Monthly Report on Electric Power Statistics", "Monthly Report on Mineral Resources and Petroleum Products", "Monthly Report on Gas Industry", "Summary Report on Trade of Japan."
Industrial Statistics Data
Extensive data on industrial statistics essential for analysing industrial activities and the foundations of the economy. Statistics independently surveyed and published by various industry sources including the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufactures, Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Japan Department Stores Association, and central government agencies. The coverage sectors are:
- Automobile
- Ceramics
- Chemicals
- Construction & Real estate
- Electronic appliance
- Food
- Lease
- Machinery
- Non-ferrous metals
- Pharmaceuticals
- Steel
- Transportation machinery
- Precision equipment
- Service
- Warehousing
- Wholesale
In each category, statistical data for manufacturing industries, data on supply/demand data such as production value, shipping value, inventory are available; and for non-manufacturing industries, revenue, order volume, activity volume, and level of activity
Current Survey of Production
Data provided in Industrial Statistics Monthly, Yearbook of Industrial Statistics, and dynamic statistics of production compiled by Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry (METI).
The "Industrial Statistics" provides aggregated results of surveys on dynamic statistics of production conducted by the METI.
The results are released in flash/monthly/annual reports of "Iron and Steel Statistics", "Machinery Statistics", "Chemical Industry Statistics", etc. Monthly data is recorded in NEEDS databases. The databases provide information on such items as production, acceptance, consumption, sales, inventory, etc.
Summary Report on Trade of Japan
The monthly trades’ data on exports and imports, announced in the ‘Trade Statistics of Japan’ report by the Ministry of Finance. Traded goods are categorised into the following groups for aggregate and individual records.
Food and Live Animals, Beverages and Tobacco, Crude Materials, Inedible, Mineral Fuels, Animal and Vegetable Oil, Fat, Chemicals, Manufactured Goods, Machinery, Transport Equipmen,Miscellaneous Articles, Commodities not classified.
The database provides the value and quantity of each traded goods in total, by region and by country for detailed analysis. The value of exports and imports are measured in FOB and CIF bases respectively.

Data Access


One-stop, ad-hoc data download

For clients who conduct ad-hoc research/analysis and need access to a wide variety of different databases from micro-economic to macro-economic level.
One-stop, ad-hoc data download for Corporate Financial, Stock Market and Macroeconomic data
Offline provision of selected data to suit specific requirements


Raw data for clients in-house database systems

For clients who consistently require data files delivered into their in-house databases on a regular basis.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly feed from Nikkei servers
Integration with existing in-house database


Non-subscription data service

NEEDS SPOT is Nikkei's unique non-subscription data service enabling clients to receive any historical data from the NEEDS databases.
A non-subscription based service offering one-off historical data access to the NEEDS data.
Offline provision of selected data to suit specific requirements

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