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Activities of Japanese Companies
Trends in Japan

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Business Databases in Japan

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Activities of Japanese Companies

In order to understand how each Japanese company establishes its global business strategy, and how it plans to expand its business into your region and country, our article database will help your research with the granular coverage to the regional/prefectural level in Japan.

Trends in Japan

The fastest way to obtain the most up-to-date and detailed information on Japan's political and economic trends is to look into local news resources. The news that is interpreted in your country might be different from what is reported in Japan.

On the flip side, it should be significant to understand how the news of your country is reported in Japan.

Solutions for

Financial Institution

Utilieze Economic and Corporate Data as an Alternative Data
Power Macroeconomic Analysis
Finding investment destination
Due diligence on the investment candidate
Market trend analysis
Management support and strategy planning for investment destination
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Government Agency

Activities of Japanese Companies
Trends in Japan
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