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Asians and Japanese Studies Resources
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Nikkei Telecom

Business Databases in Japan
Borrowings by Financial Institution

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Asians and Japanese Studies Resources

Both Full-text and PDF newspaper images of Nikkei newspapers, Japanese company information, and company personnel profiles are available through powerful search functions to enable you to find your Asians and Japanese studies resources. Some of the contents are available in English.

Full Newspaper Image

Nikkei Telecom contains full newspaper images from our very first issue, printed in December 1876, until issues published in 1974.
Users may search through over 99 years of historical Nikkei newspapers, which are available to download as full newspapers. The database service is an essential electronic resource for the study of modern Japanese history.

Borrowings by Financial Institution

Provides the names of financial institutions lending to companies and the amount of corporate borrowing, based on the results of questionnaires sent out to companies and 'Yuho' (Yuka Shoken Hokokusho) Financial Statements.
Long-term and short-term debts are covered.

Solutions for

Financial Institution

Utilieze Economic and Corporate Data as an Alternative Data
Power Macroeconomic Analysis
Finding investment destination
Due diligence on the investment candidate
Market trend analysis
Management support and strategy planning for investment destination
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Government Agency

Activities of Japanese Companies
Trends in Japan
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