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Nikkei Dataset

Macroeconomics and Financial Data

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Data Features

To obtain a view of the Japanese economy as a whole, Nikkei provides macro-economic data compiled by Nikkei analysts, the Japanese Ministry of Finance, the IMF and the Bank of Japan, to provide a clear view of the state of the Japanese economy.

Over 14,000 items of data compiled by Nikkei analysts, the Japanese Ministry of Finance, the IMF and the Bank of Japan are provided in the Nikkei Economic Statistics database alone, covering employment rates, prices, household consumption and public finance. Statistics on Production Shipments & Inventory covers 1,500 items updated monthly from 1970.

Data Line-up of Macroeconomics and Financial Data

Industrial Statistics Data
Extensive data on industrial statistics essential for analysing industrial activities and the foundations of the economy. Statistics independently surveyed and published by various industry sources including the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufactures, Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Japan Department Stores Association, and central government agencies. The coverage sectors are:
- Automobile
- Ceramics
- Chemicals
- Construction & Real estate
- Electronic appliance
- Food
- Lease
- Machinery
- Non-ferrous metals
- Pharmaceuticals
- Steel
- Transportation machinery
- Precision equipment
- Service
- Warehousing
- Wholesale
In each category, statistical data for manufacturing industries, data on supply/demand data such as production value, shipping value, inventory are available; and for non-manufacturing industries, revenue, order volume, activity volume, and level of activity
Construction Statistics by Region
Construction work orders, building starts, housing starts, etc., nationwide and by prefecture and municipality.
Trade Statistics
Trade statistics by the Ministry of Finance for import/export prices, volume and aggregate data sorted by item and country.
Summary Report on Trade of Japan
The monthly trades’ data on exports and imports, announced in the ‘Trade Statistics of Japan’ report by the Ministry of Finance. Traded goods are categorised into the following groups for aggregate and individual records.
Food and Live Animals, Beverages and Tobacco, Crude Materials, Inedible, Mineral Fuels, Animal and Vegetable Oil, Fat, Chemicals, Manufactured Goods, Machinery, Transport Equipmen,Miscellaneous Articles, Commodities not classified.
The database provides the value and quantity of each traded goods in total, by region and by country for detailed analysis. The value of exports and imports are measured in FOB and CIF bases respectively.
Foreign Exchange and Interest rates
Daily market data from the foreign exchange markets, money markets, bond markets, etc. in Tokyo, New York, London, Chicago and Singapore, which appear in the Nikkei newspapers.
Nikkei Economic Statistics
National Income statistics, production activity, corporate activity, financial/fiscal policies, trade/external balances and major economic indicators for Japan through 14,000+ items.
Statistics on Production/Shipment/Inventory
Providing production, shipment and inventory data of approximately 1,200 items announced by the Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry (METI).
Consumer Statistical Data
Data extracted from reports on household finance surveys and consumer price index (CPI) disclosed monthly from the Statistic Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) , for economic and consumer behaviour analysis.
Statistics on Foreign Direct Investment
Data on direct investment abroad excerpted from the "International Balance of Payment Statistics", "Survey on Japanese Companies' Overseas Business Activities" and etc.
Nikkei Monetary Data
Data on the BOJ statistics such as money supply and money flow, accounts, and public & financial statistics data such as interest rates and financial corporate bond market data, for analysing Japanese money market.
BoJ’s Price Indices
Data on major price indices released monthly by BOJ, such as corporate goods price index (CGPI), input-output price index of the manufacturing industry by sector (IOPI), and corporate service price index (CSPI).
Economic Data by Size of Company
Data on economic statistics by corporate size such as by small and medium sized company (SME) or by large sized company. Sources are the SMEA, MHLW, MLIT, JASME, Shoko Chukin Bank, etc. NEEDS data covers production, corporate management, finance, trade, price, wage, etc.
SNA Stock Item Data
Financial and non-financial assets and liabilities data extracted from the System of National Statistics report (SNA) for corporations, households, governments, etc.
BOJ Tankan Survey
Data on "Short-term Economic Survey of Principal Enterprises in Japan" (Tankan Survey) released by the BOJ on a quarterly basis.
International Monetary Fund Statistics
Data on international balance of payment, banking & financial systems, labour, foreign exchange rates, fiscal budget, interest rates, national income statistics, population, etc. of more than 250 countries.
IMF Direction of Trade
Data on import/export amounts between trading partners across approximately 250 countries. The data is compiled from the reports each member nation submits to the IMF (some data are based on IMF estimates). Trade values and FOB prices are included to calculate total exports, while CIF prices are counted to calculate total imports. However, for countries which disclose total amount of imports based on FOB, NEEDS cover FOB.
OECD Economic Statistics
Data on major economic indicators (MEI) released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).Various economic indicators of the OECD member nations, including data on international balance of payments, economic performance, foreign exchange rates, construction, consumer price index, domestic demand related indicators, employment situation, unit labour cost situation, interest rate trend, finance, production, and international trades. There are three types of data periods: monthly, quarterly, and annually compiled data. They are updated on a monthly basis.
DRI Basic US Data
Data on US market/economic conditions, such as basic macroeconomic statistics, financial markets, and forex markets, edited and provided by Global Insight, Inc. NEEDS updates the database on a daily basis after receiving latest numerical figures disclosed by Global Insight.
DRI International Data
Data on macroeconomic conditions and financial data for around 50 major countries/economies including those in North Americas, Latin America, Europe, Asia, etc.
DRI Monetary and Forex Data
Data file containing major US economic indicators and overseas financial markets and foreign exchange markets data compiled by Global Insight Inc. in the US. The company updates its database once it receives numerical figures released by various government agencies. NEEDS receives updated data on-line on a daily basis and updates its database.
Comprehensive Regional Data
Regional data, such as square measure, population/household, industry, finance/income, life/culture, and housing price/land price. When a consolidation/merging of municipalities occurs, combined numerical data on pre-consolidation/pre-merging remains available. Data is available from the date NEEDS started recording data for an item and so you can do a retrospective search using pre-integration/pre-merging data on cities/towns/villages from year 1999 onward.
Construction Statistics by Region
Data on various monthly/annual statistics on construction activities by region, derived from the "Monthly Statistics on Construction Activity including Construction Work Orders", "Housing Starts Statistics" compiled by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). Most of the statistical data is compiled on a nation-wide basis or by prefecture, but those on the number of Housing Starts and total floor space are available by city or by district.
Brokers Broker JGB Prices
Japanese Government Bond price data for approximately 760 issues.

Data Access


One-stop, ad-hoc data download

For clients who conduct ad-hoc research/analysis and need access to a wide variety of different databases from micro-economic to macro-economic level.
One-stop, ad-hoc data download for Corporate Financial, Stock Market and Macroeconomic data
Offline provision of selected data to suit specific requirements


Raw data for clients in-house database systems

For clients who consistently require data files delivered into their in-house databases on a regular basis.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly feed from Nikkei servers
Integration with existing in-house database


Non-subscription data service

NEEDS SPOT is Nikkei's unique non-subscription data service enabling clients to receive any historical data from the NEEDS databases.
A non-subscription based service offering one-off historical data access to the NEEDS data.
Offline provision of selected data to suit specific requirements

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