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NEEDS Service Line-Up


Non-subscription data service


A non-subscription based service offering one-off historical data access to the NEEDS data.
Offline provision of selected data to suit specific requirements
Microsoft Excel, CSV & Microsoft Access supported

NEEDS SPOT is Nikkei's unique non-subscription data service enabling clients to receive any historical data from the NEEDS databases.

Typical Use

We have provided SPOT orders to a large number of research institutions, investment banks and fund management companies.

Financial Institutions

Data managers, who wish to fill gaps in their existing data systems Analysts, who need high quality historical data for their financial models

  • Daily tick data of all listed companies
  • Daily basic data for Nikkei Stock Average calculation
  • Nikkei dividend estimates data of all listed companies


Academics, who are conducting research into Japanese corporations and economy

  • Bank loan data of listed industrial companies
  • Aggregated financial statements by industries
  • Major shareholders information of selected industrial companies

Data Coverage


Corporate Fundamentals

Corporate Governance Evaluation System

Equities and Fixed Income Data

Macroeconomics and Financial Data

Industrial Statistics

Nikkei Alternative Data

Nikkei Indexes

Nikkei News Articles

Overseas Information

Region and Population

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