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Dataset & Tools

Corporate Governnance Evaluation System

(NEEDS Cges)

NEEDS-Cges is

our sourcing solutions designed to help institutional investors identify possible investor concerns about their governance practices and provide researchers with comprehensive corporate governance dataset of listed companies in Japan.

Approximately 150 indicators of

corporate governance related data such as management supervision system, return of profits to shareholders, performance and capital efficiency, are recorded for all listed companies.

Strongly support the governance analysis of institutional investors and analysts.


Includes updates to the data coverage and to the scoring methodology based on recent changes in corporate governance system and client feedback.
Rating categories are reviewed to reflect recent corporate governance trends and factors adopted to calculate each rating categories which are shuffled/added/deleted to improve the accuracy of a scoring algorithm.
Ratings are calculated on the basis of eight categories; Stakeholders, Accounting Performance, Market Performance, Practice, Capital Management, Disclosure, Board and Compensation.
Analyses 44 corporate governance factors to derive scores.
130 important and essential indicators are provided to help deeper research.
Clients are able to customize a scoring weight for each factor and category in accordance with owe point of view.
Scoring tool is available with Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Data Categories / factors / indicators

Approx. 150 indicators for 3,600 companies.
CategoryMajor FactorMajor Indicator
StakeholdersShareholding by Institutional investors
Shareholding by Foreign Investors
Shareholding by Stable Shareholders
Shareholding by Controlling Shareholders
Shareholding by the Main Bank
Percentage of Cross-holdings
Shareholders Proposal
Accounting PerformanceROA, ROE
Free Cash Flow to Total Assets
Consecutive Net Loss
Extraordinary Loss in 3 Years
Going Concern Notes
Market PerformanceTobin’s Q
Total Return
Volatility of Share Price
PracticeCEO Resignation after Poor Results
Adult Options other than “Clean”
Change in Accounting Policies
Correction of Financial Report
Replacement of Accounting Auditors
Capital ManagementLiquidity on Hand to Assets Ratio
Cross-holdings of Shares to Assets Ratio
Dividends + Buyback to Net Worth Ratio
Liquidity on Hand to Sales Ratio
Investment Securities to Assets Ratio
DisclosureTimeliness of Financial Highlights
Annual General Meeting Held on the Same Day
Early Posting of Annual General Meeting Notices
Accuracy of Earning Estimation
Investment Securities to Assets Ratio
BoardNumber of Board Members
Nominating Committee
Percentage of Independent Outside Directors
Directors’ Terms of Office
Takeover Defenses
Board Members serving as Executive Directors
Percentage of Attendance – Outside Directors
Support Rate of Board Members Election
CompensationShareholding by Directors
Incentive Stock Options
Bonus to Directors despite a Net Loss
Directors with the Annual Compensation of 100 million Yen or more
Coverade / Update Timing / Products


Listed companies (approximately 3,600 companies)

Update Timing

Data is updated monthly


Index Data

111 indices are assigned to evaluate the corporate governance of companies listed on the Japanese stock markets.

Indices are calculated based on public information, obtained mainly from two annual financial statement reports, ”Tanshin” (flash financial reports) and ”Yuho” (confirmed financial reports).

Application - Japanese Interface Only

Available on Microsoft Windows10/11, Excel 2013/2016/2019

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