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Japan's most detailed market information
For alternative data use

Nikkei POS

The latest purchasing data in Japan


Available in just 2 Days

Sales, pricing, market share and any other detailed information for each individual product are available in just 2 days.

Over 30 years

Access to one of the longest historical POS data in the world, available from 1985.

Data used by

leveraging machine learning models, we are able to provide more accurate sales forecast/earnings estimates than can be provided by professional analysts.


The Nikkei POS provides sales performance data including major companies in Japan such as LOTTE, Calbee, Kao, and Kirin, collecting from more than 1500 data providers.

Analyzing Japanese alternative data
Checking the discovery and trends of investee stocks
Making a forecast of Japanese companies

Nikkei Alternative Data

Insights into the Japanese market

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Partly English dataset

Utilize as Alternative Data

We have various data specialized for the Japanese market, such as economic and corporate data as well as news, newspaper articles, and text data. Nikkei Alternative Data brings new insights into the Japanese market through the following methods:

  • Generate Unique Investment Ideas
  • Alternative Data for Your Decision Making
  • Finding investment destination
  • Due diligence on the investment candidate
  • Market trend analysis
  • Management support and strategy planning for investment destination
  • Corporate KPI Forecast
  • Data Source for Automated Transactions
  • Trend Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis

Please see below for the details.

Data Coverage


Nikkei provides up to date information on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange for Industry and Osaka Dojima Commodity Exchange.
NEEDS has detailed files on all commodities appearing in The Nikkei (daily newspaper) and The Nikkei Business Daily.

Nikkei Alternative Data

Improvements in data analysis technology have enabled the utilization of alternative data for investment. Nikkei's Alternative Data brings new insights into the Japanese market.

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