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NEEDS Service Line-Up


Raw data for clients in-house database systems


Daily/Weekly/Monthly feed from Nikkei servers
Integration with existing in-house database

Accurate, timely and consistent daily data to automatically update client database Over 50 years of Nikkei archive data available for subscribers Primary data source for major financial institutions in Japan

Typical Use

Back office

NEEDS BULK service has an excellent reputation for its accuracy and punctuality of delivery, and has become the primary data source for back office processing within a vast majority of financial institutions in Japan.

Most clients using BULK for back office processing subscribe to a combination of files including corporate attribute, daily securities pricing and corporate action data.


Nikkei uses the latest technology and teams of data management experts to provide data of the highest quality at the highest speeds, to meet the requirements of risk management.

Furthermore, consistency in data format and over 50 years of data history enable risk management teams to attain the highest standards with the greatest of ease.


The depth and detail of data provided in NEEDS data file, along with its quality, speed, consistency and length of time-series, enable quantitative researchers to realise original ideas and models of the highest quality.

Commonly used file include the Tick-by-Tick data on equity prices with its historical data available from 1996.

Data Coverage


Corporate Fundamentals

Corporate Governance Evaluation System

Equities and Fixed Income Data

Macroeconomics and Financial Data

Industrial Statistics

Nikkei Alternative Data

Nikkei Indexes

Nikkei News Articles

Overseas Information

Region and Population

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