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Japan's most detailed market information
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Nikkei Telecom

Most reliable business databases in Japan


Nikkei Telecom is a one-stop web service that allows you to search and collect over 750 information sources. It is one of the largest database in Japan used by about 10,000 companies.

You can access Nikkei newspapers, leading Japanese newspapers, magazines, and other essential business information with powerful search functions.
Serving a great number of business and enterprising customers worldwide since 1984.
Already endorsed by many universities and libraries as an essential E-resource.


Finding out if the Japanese company you are trading can be trusted.
Checking the activities of Japanese companies.
Referencing to Asians and Japanese studies resources.
Checking the discovery and trends of investee stocks.
Investigating trends in Japan.

Academic Plan

for University Libraries, National Libraries, Research Institutions

Academic plan provides unlimited access to the most Nikkei contents including, Nikkei newsflash which is updated approximately 1,000 items a day, for universities and libraries.

Both Full-text and PDF newspaper images of Nikkei newspapers and Japanese company information, company personnel profiles are readily available through powerful search functions. Some of the contents are available in English.


+ Full News Paper Image

This database option service contains full newspaper images from our very first issue, printed in December 1876, until issues published in 1974. Users may search through over 99 years of historical Nikkei newspapers, which are available to download as full newspapers. The database service is an essential electronic resource for the study of modern Japanese history.

+ The IP Authentication

The IP Authentication and EZproxy methods are available to gain access to Nikkei Telecom.

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