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Nikkei Value Search

Company and industry research platform


Nikkei Value Search is a powerful business intelligence tool that provides comprehensive corporate financials, economic data sets alongside with news and industry reports, featuring user-friendly interface with powerful visualization.
Comprehensive company fundamentals, estimates, corporate info, ownership data, news for public and private companies, and more
Perform top-down sector analysis with industry-level metrics
Unique info & data only provided by Nikkei
The interface is provided in Japanese.


Analyzing industry and its peers for business strategy
Deeper understanding of customers and their industries for sales planning
Creating pitch books
Making long/short lists of companies for M&A


Business material
generating tools

screening function

Powerful data table
generating tool

Information Coverage

You can analyze multilaterally with both qualitative data and quantitative data.

  • Quantitative data :corporate fundamentals, major shareholders, and macro / industrial statistics
  • Qualitative data :articles, corporate activity information and research report.
  • Classified into 550 industries
  • 1,000 news articles /day
  • 300K person profiles

Company coverage

  • 4,300 listed companies countrywide and private companies whose securities reports are available.
  • 1 million domestic private companies including startups.
  • 44,000 listed companies from worldwide.

Nikkei Service & Products

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